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Welcome to the Hydra guild site!

We Have Returned.

Greski, Jan 29, 13 4:19 PM.
It's been a while, but we have returned. We've already started rebuilding Hydra, we hope to return to our former status, or better. In the next month we will be doing some major recruiting. If you have anyone you know that wants a guild message Malicar.

I Hate You All

Reawakening777, May 16, 12 8:21 PM.
Not really, thought it would be a fun title though. In fact I love almost all of you, Nalli doesn't qualify for my love anymore so that is why I say almost all of you. Our numbers keep steadily climbing and the election for vanarch is coming up soon. I am sure you have all noticed that the NPC vendors we have come to casually depend on are starting to disappear and trainers in the outlying cities are now "off duty". Well hopefully whomever gets elected vanarch will fix that in whatever region is up for grabs. I do not believe we will be putting our name in that pot yet since it has massive requirements and some intense grinding involved for keeping the region in a healthy economic state. However, that being said, we do intend at a future time to do have a go for that power hungry position of chaos, politics, and of course naked women. In the meantime though, our goal is to just keep the leveling going and assist each other with whatever we need for leveling, questing, crafting, and just basic needs. Don't forget to aid those outside the guild too! The more our reputation grows, the more Hydra grows as a team. Let's keep up the good work and remember one thing, I hate you all. =D
See you on the field of battle,


Greski, May 12, 12 9:42 PM.
Hey guys, Nalli here. So I've finished a few guild Shirts. These will be available as awards to members who help out with tokens or just being plain generous to other members, Plz take a look at the photo gallery to view them.
If you are a HUGE fan of our guild you may also purchase a shirt to represent! The money will go to Vent funds pretty much, Maybe to upgrade the website as well. If you are interested Just message me and we can discuss even a custom shirt if you'd like. Over all the guild is doing great, and most members seem happy. Keep up the questing! See you on the battle field. 

We Hit Guild Level 3!

Reawakening777, May 11, 12 1:23 AM.
Thank you to everyone who donated their time and effort to earning catarnarch awards to assist in Hydra becoming level 3. I intend to continue to earn these awards and do guild quests as my main form of leveling to lighten the grind that everyone else needs to do to maintain our level ^^. That being said, Bolillo is crazy and the amount of tokens needed shouldn't be nearly 5k, by my estimate we are looking at around 1,070 tokens. But regardless that is still a lot of tokens! Keep up the good work and keeping the name Hydra in good standing. Leave the bad mouthing and slandering of our guild to me! Besides, I am pretty sure that is what I am here for, not to tank or anything.....
See you on the field of battle,

Guild Progress.

Bollilo, May 10, 12 4:32 AM.
Hey everyone,

We've been running the numbers on what will be required to hit guild level 8 and buy our house. We don't have a lot of information, so this is a best estimated guess. If the curve goes along the route we expect it to, we'll need about 750 tokens to get to level 8. If, however, the curve continues by the precedent we already have, meaning that each level requires 2.5x the tokens, we'll need somewhere around 5000 tokens. Yikes! Fortunately, we consider that to be a very unlikely scenario. The point is, we need to keep bringing those tokens in! Every little bit counts, so try and do one a day.


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